Health & Wellness 121

Do you want to soothe your soul, sleep well, digest with ease, and feel like you again?  We can work together to find a way.

Private Yoga, and Health & Wellness 121s in partnership with

Health & Wellness One to One

£55 for one session lasting 45 mins / £50 per session when booking 3+ sessions

In the first session, I will take a comprehensive Yoga Medicine(C) evaluation to get a clear picture of your lifestyle and health concerns.  I'll create direction for our work together in line with your physical and emotional health goals.  


In subsequent sessions, the focus is on movement, breath, massage and mindset.  I find people have the first two sessions within a short timespan and then decide on the frequency that is appropriate to them, for example bimonthly.

This is a guided approach in a safe, compassionate and non-judgmental space, to return you to optimal health & wellness. is a Personalised Lifestyle Medicine Practice, offering you a personalised journey to optimal health and wellness.  Functional Medicine looks at optimising, not just maintaining your health, so you can live well. Preventing disease by screening and testing, maintaining your health by eating well and exercising and looking after your mental health, and restoring your health by replenishing nutrients, reducing inflammation and stress.  


Find out more: and

The next step starts here.  If you would like to have a discovery call to find out more, call me on 07754 080300.

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