Baby Sleeping

Evidence-based Good Sleep Programme

You deserve to wake up happy.

Fact - you don't have to put up with poor sleep!


  • Do you have trouble getting to sleep?

  • Do you find yourself waking in the middle of the night?

  • Or waking too early?

  • Are you reaching for coffee to boost your energy levels?

  • Do you find it hard to concentrate or remember stuff after a broken night's sleep?

Then this 5 week Good Sleep Programme is for you.  It's time to sleep well again and wake up happy.

Around 40% of women experience sleep complaints into their late 40s and early 50s*

  • Do you suffer from hot flushes?  

  • Have you felt more depressed, anxious or irritable as you approach menopause?

  • Have you noticed your body clock is changing?

  • Is your life stressful?

  • Are you empty nesting, caring for parents and concerned about your own ageing?

Help is at hand!

This is a 5 week programme, online or in-person.  This is unlike any other sleep programme because it considers every aspect of your human being - body, energy, mind, emotions and soul.  You deserve to wake up happy.


Call me to find out more on 07754 080300. © Sleep Recovery Teacher


Are you hyper vigilant at night?

"Over a period of time, I had starting becoming very hyper vigilant at night. Not able to settle and waking with a start at every little sound. Through understanding of what was happening to my nervous system, and how to calm it down, I was able make improvements and start to turn things around". Julie

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