Baby Sleeping

Restore Your Natural Ability To Sleep Well

Better Sleep Now Workshop

Thursday 27 May at 7pm in Claygate


Do you struggle to get to sleep?

Do you often wake up in the night?

Do you wake up feeling unrefreshed?

Do you resort to caffeine or naps to get you through the day?

Then the proven Simple 5 Step Sleep Programme is for you.

- no meds, no tech, no products

You're not alone.  Around 40% of women experience sleep complaints into their late 40s and early 50s.


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Are you hyper vigilant at night?

"Over a period of time, I had starting becoming very hyper vigilant at night. Not able to settle and waking with a start at every little sound. Through understanding of what was happening to my nervous system, and how to calm it down, I was able make improvements and start to turn things around". Julie

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