Essential Self Care for Online Classes


By registering and participating in livestream or recorded yoga, you are (a) agreeing to take full responsibility for any injuries you may sustain as a result, and (b) certifying that your physical and mental condition are such that you are safe to practice online yoga, where I, the yoga teacher, may not be able to see you nor offer personalised instruction.


1. Please be aware that I may not be able to see how you are breathing or moving so clearly, so you need to take care and listen to messages from your body.  This means that you need to observe your breath so that you notice if it changes and become more rapid/shallow, and then take steps to ease off; likewise if any of your joints are feeling uncomfortable, this is not a “good pain”.   If I cue you into a pose that doesn’t feel good for you, go to a place where you are more comfortable, that’s near this challenge.  This isn’t leaving the room altogether or retreating to child’s pose (literally or figuratively).  It’s staying in it, but going to a place that’s good for practice.  And from this place, practice.  Also, if you find a pose really easy, treat it like the most important place there is.  Everything matters.  Everything counts. 


2. Now is the time to use yoga to calm our nervous system, to build resilience, to meditate or spend time in present moment awareness, making sure not to overstretch or perfect a pose that is out of reach but to reduce inflammation and move energy through our lymphatic system.  Yoga is a science and we can all benefit from its healing and protective qualities 


3. Please choose an appropriate, safe environment for yoga in your home – just a mat in a space, or go crazy with blankets, objects, candles etc 

Strala Yoga uses natural movement principles for safe practice.  For more info, go to STRALA (see menu).  Move how it feels good to move.