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Where Would You Like To Be Right Now?

I'm moving into a new phase of COVID-19, which is quite unexpected. I've felt a growing sense of need for space, not just inside the house, but wide, open space, like the ocean.

I didn't consider myself to be a person who has grown up by the sea, but I have been on holiday by the sea for the same 2-3 weeks of the year every year of my life. This year is different. The holiday home we have rented for the last 25 years was sold earlier this year. I didn't feel the loss at the time, but now that the holiday season is upon us, my body is expressing a full urge to go there. The body has an innate memory.

I'm unable to work as efficiently or with the clarity I'm used to. It seems as though the longer the working-from-home continues, the better my husband becomes at being disciplined and productive, and the worse I get. At first, the change felt small as I have been working from home for 5 years and have my routine nailed. The push to move my classes online, and get to grips with new technology, teaching style and new pricing strategy kept me focused and driven. However, the peak is over (and unsustainable) and a new normal has settled in.

This is a great time to practice meditation, to rein in the monkey mind created by distractions. I am really enjoying the weekly guided meditation by @MaddyGray for NOJAM Yoga on Sundays, preceded by restorative yoga (6-7pm). It settles my mind and brings warmth to my heart. Quite lovely. Also, keeping a journal is useful to enable me to process my thoughts and clear my mind before going to sleep. Not every night, but just when my mind feels cluttered. Also, making lists of what I am going to achieve today / this week, helps me to keep on track, even if I do have to drive my daughters to meet their friends in the middle of doing something.

And every now and then, it's important to be by the ocean or lake, and enjoy the much needed healing experience of water.

Nicky offers Health & Wellness 121s; if you have any health concerns you need help with, let me know and we can arrange a discovery call.

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