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The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons Will Change

My life's uncertain and some things are strange

The one thing I've learnt is it won't stay the same

Even in the darkness, I'll be OK

The sun will come up, the seasons will change

The fire has burnt itself out and Late Summer has arrived. The temperature is cooling and it feels damp as I leave the house for my morning "walk to work ie circular route back to my home".

The season of Late Summer is linked to the Earth Element. It is a time of harvest, following the last moon of Summer, so named the Corn Moon by the Native Americans. The qualities of softening, nurturing and nourishing align naturally to this time of year, a period a balance and harmony. The sense of taste is also associated with the Earth element; just as a newborn baby's first taste is often their mothers' milk, this sweetness is associated to the smell or flavour of the Earth element. When an Earth person is out of balance, the odour is sometimes described as that of partly digested breast milk in a baby's vomit!

The colour yellow is associated with the Earth Element, so fill your shopping basket with lemons, bananas, turmeric, yellow peppers, corn, pumpkins, apricots and butternut squash. You might choose to wear yellow clothes. Connecting to the season's colours, energy and abundant food is great for your health and harmony. I'm making beetroot brownies and butternut soup this week with veggie gifts from my friend's allotment!

In Five Element diagnosis, a yellow colour in the face can indicate an imbalance in the Spleen and Stomach, the organs of Earth. These are the primary organs of digestion. The spleen is part of the lymphatic system and includes the tonsils and thymus gland. It is closely related to the circulatory and immune systems. That's good timing, as there is a rising dampness in Late Summer and we are exposed to more cold viruses.

In Chinese Medicine, the Spleen assists the Stomach in the transformation and transportation of food essences. It is also responsible for the movements of Qi and Fluids. When the Spleen Qi is strong, there is good appetite, digestion and elimination. When Spleen Qi is weak, the movement of Qi to our muscles is impaired and there can be tiredness and heaviness in the limbs. Spleen Qi Deficiency is the most common pattern, based on TCM, encountered in Western acupuncture clinics. I wonder how much of this is due to the sweet-saturated Western diet? In addition to muscles, the connective tissue called fascia is associated with the Earth Element. Fascia creates a completely integrated system within the body; a physical manifestation of Earth's gift of Connection.

I have felt a strong seasonal urge to connect with my friends as the season changes. I'm aware that we have a window of connection in fresh air before we have to retreat and perhaps return to more social restrictions indoors. Many Earth types naturally become a central point of connection, often acting as go-betweens or social secs.

Seasonal yoga is themed around qualities of the Element of the season or the meridian lines associated with the two (or four) organs in season. To activate the Earth meridians, you might enjoy standing poses, wide childs pose, hero, frog, sphinx, cobra, up dog, low lunge and crescent. A Late Summer practice means a stabilising, intentional, grounding practice with downward energy, or perhaps a focus on nourishing, gratitude and connection.

Come along to a seasonal yoga class, and join a small yoga bubble - I can facilitate for you. It's so nice to do yoga in person and connect again.

Nicky also offers Health & Wellness One to Ones, using a Chinese Medicine approach to bring you back into healthy balance. Call me to find out more on 07754 080300.

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