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The Magic of Strala with Team NOJAM

Imagine a style of yoga that allows you to be who you are, feel like you and move how it feels good for you. A style of yoga that has self care at its core, allowing you to move in a way that is just right for your body, your mood, your mobility. This is Strala.

I happened upon Strala Yoga in 2013, in the search for a new yoga class, when I moved with my family to Paris. I found an inclusive, welcoming community and a style of movement that felt intuitive and allowed me to follow my breath, soften in my body and find happiness and ease on the mat and in life.

Strala is a style that was created in response to the exclusivity of yoga, where the focus is on perfecting the visual aspect of a pose, the use of Sanskrit and chanting, and a number of yoga gurus with massive egos. Personally, as soon as I see evidence of an inflated ego in a yoga teacher, I never come back. In Strala, teachers are called guides; there is no hierarchy. We all practice together. Instead of a lineage, which idolises a leader, we are inspired by each other and the wisdom of natural movement.

Strala combines the movement and healing wisdom of yoga, tai chi, qigong, and embodies the wisdom of Traditional Chinese and Japanese Medicine, to help people dissolve stress, move easily through challenge, and live radiantly inspiring lives.

Another thing that is special about Strala is that it is truly global. Training takes place all over the world. So this means that you can find a guide who speaks your language and discover a Strala community wherever you are in the world.

I guide online classes for Our Home to Yours | NOJAM Yoga, which is an Official Strala Partner Studio. We are a team of 12 guides from Canada, England, Germany, Italy, India, Japan, Slovakia, and Wales. We offer 25 classes per week ranging from Relax, Energise, Core, Strong, Summer, Revitalise, Restorative and Meditation. There is something for everyone.

Get to know us on social media @nojamyoga, browse our online SHOP & MEMBERS Video Library and enjoy our playlists on Spotify/Team NOJAM. You can download as well as stream classes whenever you want.

A great way to try our Membership Library is to sign up for a WEEKS FREE Trial. Or to try a class, simply register and you’ll get a free class pass.

Are you looking for an affordable solution for your employees to stay active, healthy and happy? At NOJAM, we offer community as well as movement. We know how important it is to connect with each other. Simply get in touch if you would like to find out more.

Come and join me on Zoom every Thursday at 1730-1800 UK for “Summer Flow”. The perfect time to finish the working day and start the evening. Looking forward to practicing with you all.

Find out more @loveyogabird or go to www.nojamyoga.com to register for a free class.

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