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What's in store this Summer & beyond

Come on Summer holidays!

I don't know about you guys, but I'm ready for school to finish. The rate of home schooling and self isolating is going a bit crazy now, and I think it's best that we just stop, and restart in September. Good, glad that's sorted.

A big Congratulations to Amy, Eloise, Anabel, Rosa and Gwyn who were selected to become Teen Yoga Ambassadors, and have completed their first training weekend with the Teen Yoga Foundation. The aim of these courses is to empower young people to share simple and accessible evidence based practices with their peers to support and encourage optimal mental health. You are so inspiring!

Weekly Yoga Classes will continue until Friday 23 July. I have put a Summer Menu together for you, so do get in touch with your requests and we can firm up some dates.

NEW Classes starting in September!

BEGINNERS' YOGA - Tuesday 13:15-1400, Yoga Mango Studio, Claygate

Would you like to do yoga but are not sure you're doing it right? Come along to Beginners' Yoga where we can slow down and go back to basics.

YOGA FOR SLEEP - Wednesday 19:30-2015, The Studio TW11

Do you struggle to get to sleep, wake up in teh night or feel low on energy in teh day? Then this class is for you. Yoga for Sleep helps you to find the places you're holding tension and melt them down, relaxing your body and mind.

REGISTER YOUR INTEREST HERE to secure your space. Max 5 spaces.

There are plenty of new blogposts and playlists for you to enjoy - check out www.loveyogabird.com and Spotify/Nicky Dye. Let me know your favourite tracks and they might appear on the new Late Summer playlist!

I hope you have a lovely, stress-free Summer. Weekly classes re-start in September.

Love Nicky x

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