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Summer News

Whoa 2020!  Crazy times!

2020 has been quite a transformative, challenging and exciting year with highs and lows.  I'm looking forward to seeing you all in person and finding out how your personal experience has been.  I've missed connecting with you in person.

Health & Wellness 121s in partnership with privategp.org

Would you like to achieve more balance, feel better and reach your health goals, supported by passionate health professionals?  I have recently joined Dr Shilpa Davé's Personalised Lifestyle Medicine Practice, privategp.org, to offer you a personalised journey to optimal health and wellness.

Functional Medicine looks at optimising, not just maintaining your health, so you can live well. Preventing disease by screening and testing, maintaining your health by eating well and exercising and looking after your mental health, and restoring your health by replenishing nutrients, reducing inflammation and stress.

Find out more:http://www.privategp.org

Health & Wellness 121s with me: https://www.loveyogabird.com/wellness


Christine and I have formed a partnership at Mango Studio in Claygate, launching our online business immediately when lockdown began to ensure continuity of yoga for all.  We will be continuing to offer an online monthly membership £35, amazing value, as well as adding £12 drop-in in-person classesas per government guidelines.  We have guided several garden classes and look to move into the studio with limited numbers when permitted and safe to do so.

We are expanding our schedule in September, bringing in new teachers online and in-person.  Watch this space!  I will be guiding evening classes on Monday and Wednesday, as well as daytime classes on Monday and Friday.  These classes will be a hybrid of in-person and online.

Please register your interest asap!  You can see my schedule on my website / group classes.

We are keen to offer corporate deals too - please get in touch to arrange a discovery call.


I also guide a 30 minute Summer Flow every Thursday at 530pm forOUR HOME TO YOURS | NOJAM YOGA.  We are a team of 11 Strala Guides from around the world, offering25+ classesa week from 7am to 1015pm, plus aDigital Libraryfor streaming, and aShopto buy videos to download and keep.  Freeweekly meditation and monthly cook-along.  Classes are so easy to book, and just £5 per class.  You will find the style really familiar too.  Give us a try at a time to suit you.

Go to www.nojamyoga.com.

We are keen to offer corporate deals too - please get in touch to arrange a discovery call.



Weekly classes have paused for August and will continue from Sat 5 September at 1015-1100.  Sign up now as places will be limited.  I will also be adding a teen class to the NOJAM schedule from September.

I organise the Teen Yoga Foundation Annual Conference and this year, you guessed it, it's online!  It will take place during half term, 26 Oct - 1 Nov 2020.  Many prominent teachers will be showcasing themed classes, including a Silent Disco / Ibiza Yogaon Sat 31st, andYin Yoga and Meditation on Sun 1st Nov.  Call me to find out more if you'd like to join, train as a Teen Yoga Teacher or find out more.


BLOG. Don't miss out on my weekly posts!https://www.loveyogabird.com/blog

PLAYLISTS - See Spotify/Nicky Dye and there are plenty to choose from.


And finally, just to let you know what I've been up to... This year I am doing a Level 3 ShiatsuCourse to expand on my knowledge from Sam Berlind, a world-renowned Shiatsu master, at the Advanced Strala Training in 2018.  I've also completed workshops on immunity with esteemed teacher, Tias Little, and a Tai Chi ChuanWorkshop with Michael Taylor, co-founder of Strala Yoga.  Later this month, I am doing a module for Women's Healthwith an incredible teacher, Tiffany Cruikshank, founder of Yoga Medicine, to complement a module I completed last year, Traditional Chinese Medicine Immersion.  

Books included:  

Shiatsu by Chris Jarmey and Gabriel Mojay

Yoga of the Subtle Body by Tias Little

Voices of Qi by Alex Holland

Chinese Medicine.  The Web That Has No Weaver by Ted J Kaptchuk


Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriaty


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