• Nicky Dye

Yoga as a Tool for Wellbeing; Depression & Anxiety

Today's theme is Depression & Anxiety

Become aware of your thoughts - are they dwelling in the past, or worrying about the future? Yoga brings us back to the present moment, where life is much easier.

When you are depressed, there is a downward energy in your body. A slow flowing yoga practice is recommended. For anxiety, calming breath work, and poses to release tension.


Lion breath - to release anger and frustration. On your back, and then seated, leaning forward with fingers facing towards you.


As we practice, see if you can lift your heart a little bit higher / lead with your heart

Seated twist, lean side to side - release anger, head neck, shoulder shrugs

Cat Cow - help the nervous system; solid floor supporting you, awareness of drawing energy up and down.

Squat / slow Chair Flow- grounding energy

Mountain - awareness of feet, connection to the earth, root to rise

Standing Forward Fold - nourishing, soothing effect for the nervous system

Balance - standing 4 fold

Tree release emotions - Notice past/future > be present.

Partner Shoulder release - you’re not alone, trust your friends

Self massage - warm hands on kidneys/adrenals

Bee breath round - healing sound, moving chi


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