• Nicky Dye

Yoga as a Tool for Wellbeing; Exam Stress Buster

Today's theme is Exam Stress Buster.


Seated; breathing in through the nose, arms up, out through the mouth, arms down. Follow your breath with your movement. Connecting mind and body. Rpt x3


"Dirga" ladder breath: inhale 3 times in a row, long exhale. Rpt x3

Do you find your solar plexus feels tight and knotted when you're stressed? Massage area clockwise with the heel of your hand for a couple of minutes. Stand up, deep breath in through the nose, release through the mouth x 3. Allow the corners of your mouth to lift up.

When you're stressed your brain goes into fight/flight mode. Here are some moves which help to reset you into rest and digest mode, where you'll feel calmer and be able to remember more stuff.


Seated cat cow - good release for the adrenals where your stress hormone, cortisol, resides.

Self massage - seated, make circles with your nose. Tip your head to the right and place gentle hand on opposite shoulder. Switch, rpt.

Twisted chair - "I am rooted"

Half SS + shrugs - "I am ready". Get the blood flowing

Inversion - handstand / WLFB / fold hand to feet on your chair - fresh oxygen to your brain!

Focus - Group pose, Dancer. Shake it out.

Partner chair pose - I am calm. We’re in this together


What calms you down? Share coping strategies with friends.


Lie down, rub hands to make them hot and place the palms over your eyes. Put a nice smelling salve on your wrists (optional). Breathe it in - nice long, deep breaths. Let go and surrender.

Guided Visualisation for exam success

Secret Whispers - commit to having only positive thoughts about your work, your skills and your life. Believe in you.

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