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Yoga as a Tool for Wellbeing; Social Media

Today's theme is Social Media.


Seated; breathing in through the nose, take your arms wide and up above your head, bring your palms together at your heart. x3


Lie on your back. Lay LH fingers gently on throat, RH on belly. Ujjayi breath. Gently constrict your throat as you breathe in and out, with your mouth closed. Listen to the sound of "Darth Vader" or the ocean. This breath connects your mind and body, bringing your attention inside, away from distractions.

On your back, move your head side to side in sync with your breath. Big stretch: inhale, arms up and over your head, as you point your toes away. Exhale, float your arms forward and down, as you flex your toes towards you. Continue with this breath.

Social Media can enhance your sense of connection and belonging. It can also put pressure on you to create the perfect persona. Snapchat has 26 filters, Instagram 50 filters. You be you. You don't need filters.

Did you know - when you get a message, you get a hit of dopamine, the hormone responsible for risk and reward. You feel a need to instantly check the message, and your brain switches to fight/flight mode urging you to look at your phone, or check your phone in case of FOMO. Yoga brings you back to the present moment, to self acceptance.

Notice the pause top of your inhale, and the pause at the bottom of your exhale. Start to exhale longer than your inhale.


Seated spinal rotation - twists, side to side, fold, lift your chest and chin. Partner twists. "Let go of who you think you should be. Drop the mask and be you".

Rub hands to make them hot, feel the magnetic energy between your hands, place gently on the top of your partner’s shoulders. “Just relax". The more relaxed you feel, the more relaxation your partner will receive. It feels so nice.

Half Sun Salutation* + side stretch x3

(*Mountain pose, reach up, bend down forward fold, lift halfway up (like a number 7), forward fold)

Warrior Flow - Warrior I "I feel strong", Warrior II, Reverse Warrior, Triangle Pose, back to WII.

Partner Warrior II - face different directions, align side of my foot to side of your foot, hold closest wrists and gently pull away.

Balance: squat to mountain+tiptoes, moving arms wide and up, then palm to palm at your heart.

Forest of Trees - side by side, place hand on nearest shoulder blade. Lift up and back.


Note down what you see on social media and how it makes you feel daily for 2 weeks. Then choose how you use social media depending on how you want to feel. Do what makes you feel good!


Lie down, rub hands to make them hot and place the palms over your eyes. You can add a relaxing scent on your wrists if you like.

Just Relax - relax, notice and release any tension from your shoulders, neck, and jaw and then all the way from your feet to your face.Feel your lungs expanding as you breathe in and out. Feel your heart pumping. Spend some time being aware of your internal organs. Now, let everything go and just relax.

Gently come up to sitting and take 3 long breaths.

Namaste x

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