• Nicky Dye

Yoga as a Tool for Wellbeing; Body Image

Today's theme is Body Image.


Seated; breathing in through the nose, take your arms wide and up above your head, bring your palms together at your heart. x3


Lie on your back. LH heart RH belly. Link to heart and sacral chakras (just below belly button) to feel self acceptance, self love and emotional balance. Swallow your smile - allow a big smile to lift the corners of your mouth, and "swallow it", sending the smile out to your fingertips and down to your toes!

It's easy to separate mind and body, to feel disconnected. Yoga brings you back into one.

Notice how you talk to yourself/judge yourself and how you judge others. How would you speak to your BFF in thought and speech? How about being your own BFF. You may need an imaginary bodyguard to watch out for critical self-talk.

Come back to your senses. Notice the pause top of your inhale, and the pause at the bottom of your exhale. Start to exhale longer than your inhale. Your breath is moving your body, breath and body connection.


Turn head side to side, massaging the neck and back of the head

Inhale, float arms up and back above your head, Exhale float arms down. Rpt x 5

Kneeling joy breath - arms up down, wide together, up behind + head down to mat, childs pose

Rub hands to make them hot, feel the magnetic energy between your hands, place on partner’s shoulderblades. “I’ve got your back”

Seated Twist+partner

Seated Butterfly+partner, gently press down on each other's knees

Half Sun Salutation* + lunge, twist x3

(*Mountain pose, reach up, bend down forward fold, lift halfway up (like a number 7), forward fold)

3 standing-folding inhale nose-exhale mouth

Balance: squat to mountain+tiptoes, moving arms wide and up, then palm to palm at your heart.

Partner Tree “we support each other" my shoulderblade to yours, my palm to yours


Lie down, rub hands to make them hot and place the palms over your eyes. You can add a relaxing scent on your wrists if you like.

Wonderful you - appreciation of all of the functions of your body (eyes, ears, mouth, chest and lungs, heart, stomach and digestive system, limbs, whole body. Even if there are parts of your body that don't always work exactly how you would like them to , or don't look exactly how you would like, remind yourself that your body is an amazing instrument. You can express feelings through your body - happy, sad, angry, embarrassed, nervous).

Your body is amazing. You are amazing. Gently come up to sitting and take 3 long breaths.

Namaste x

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