• Nicky Dye

Embrace the Summer Solstice!

On Thursday 21 June, I will be rising early and heading up Telegraph Hill with some fellow yogis to greet the sun at sunrise - 0443 to be precise. Anyone who knows me may well be very surprised, as I am not an early bird, but I always do something for the Winter Solstice, so why not Summer too.

The Summer Season is attuned to the fire element, and as we're heading for a hot Summer this year, we need to balance our inner fire so that we don't get overheated. Keep calm and relaxed, sociable and easy, and allow the energy to flow positively, supporting those around you.

Strala means to radiate light.

On the Summer Solstice, we'll quietly head up Telegraph Lane, using the time for silent reflection of what we wish to let go of from the last season, and making our intention for the season ahead, (mindfully being considerate not to wake up our neighbours!). We'll warm up on the top of the hill, stretching out the connective tissue and encouraging fluidity in our joints. We'll flow through Strala style sun salutations, with circular and continuous movement, radiating light.

I am also teaming up with the lovely Christine Pitt of YogaMango, guiding a seasonal Strala flow followed by deep relaxation with Tibetan Singing Bowls on Sat 23 June at 1445. You are all warmly invited to come inside for drinks and nibbles afterwards.

I'm looking forward to the Summer Solstice, opening up to creativity, freedom and focus of mind. If you'd like to join me at either of these, go to my Events page, and click on Sign Me Up.

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