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How I Got Interested in Yoga Massage

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I first discovered Thai Yoga Massage at the OM Yoga Show in London about 5 years ago. I partnered up with my then 9 year old daughter for a half hour workshop and it was a really relaxing experience. Whenever I go to the Yoga Show, I always make sure that I prioritise this workshop as it's such a treat.

I wanted to explore more yoga massage techniques so that I can incorporate them into yoga events and classes, and even share them with friends and family, so I enrolled in the Mudita Introduction Day, http://www.muditathaiyoga.com/introduction-workshops-in-london.html, which took place last Sunday.

Thai Yoga Massage combines acupressure and stretch, using a rocking 'n rolling action to lean your bodyweight back and forth along energy lines. It is so mindful and enjoyable to give and receive. (It does not involve walking on backs or pain in any way!) Perfect for reducing stress and insomnia, and enhancing wellbeing.

I found the flow of the massage nicely familiar - visiting yoga poses such as apanasana, pigeon, childs pose and more. Such a lovely fit with Strala Yoga too - softening the hands and using your whole body for rock forward and relax back in a continuous movement.

A small group of us spent the whole day practising a relaxing routine that we can share with our friends and families. We watched two expect guides as they demonstrated the moves, then paired up and practised sections of a routine, while they talked us through and demonstrated again at the same time.

The Mudita School of Thai Massage is just down the road from Spitalfields Market, near London Liverpool Street. We had a stroll around the market at lunchtime, taking in wonderful sights and creations, with such a great choice of delicious food for lunch. I chose The Green Plate at the Ethiopian Merkamo Stall - so colourful, flavoursome and tasty.

Merkamo Ethiopian Food Stall, Spitalfields Market

In the afternoon, we continued with the back, arms, hands and head, and then practised the whole routine on each other, consolidating and practising what we'd learnt. I found it so useful to structure the day this way, rather than trying to cram as many techniques as possible.

I'm so excited to have arranged for Ralf Marzen himself to come along to the studio in Claygate on 13 April 2018. Click this link to see Ralf's demo of yoga massage in Thailand.


Book via www.loveyogabird.com/events. 20% Early Bird Discount if you secure your place with a deposit before 31 Jan 2018.


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