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The seasons are a-changing, leaves are bursting into beautiful colours, evenings getting chilly and we return to snuggling down in front of a cosy log fire.

As we transition from the hot Summer months to cooler, shorter days, you may feel a sense of loss of warm sun and light. Your digestion may become a little irregular as your body adapts to different foods. Autumn is a time of preparation for the Winter months ahead.

Ayurveda is the sister science of yoga, and means the art of living wisely. It tells us how Autumn is linked to the AIR ELEMENT

with more light, dry and cool weather, which reduces the level of moisture in our bodies and can affect our ability to digest smoothly. It is also a time of erratic winds, which can affect our nervous system making us feel more anxious and edgy. Take care if you suffer from arthritis, as this time of year can exacerbate symptoms.

Here are some TIPS to help you navigate the changing season with optimal wellbeing:

1. Wake up and rise early, when the world is still calm and quiet

2. Self massage with sesame oil before a warm shower to prevent dry skin and stiff muscles

3. Alternate nostril breath to calm the nervous system and eliminate toxins

4. Inverted yoga poses, such as down dog, standing forward fold, headstand, shoulderstand and slow sun salutations (I love to practise these to Melody Gardot's "Morning Sun")

5. Rest, regular appropriate exercise, a positive state of mind and early nights

This NOURISHING MENU is inspired by warm foods and sweet/mildly spicy/sour/salty tastes to increase the moisture in your body:

Breakfast: small bowl of oats, rice or quinoa with a dash of maple syrup, honey or cinnamon

Lunch: salad of seasonal veg, eg fig, roast onion, feta and barley with rocket

Supper: steaming seasonal veg/warming soup eg ratatouille/dhal with butter and ginger

Bedtime: herbal tea or warm milk with a pinch of nutmeg or cardamom

Avoid raw salads, cold drinks, ice, beans, fermented foods and yeast for their drying effects.

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