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My cat, Smudge has a good stretch whenever he gets up!

Back pain is one of the most common reasons for people to try yoga, so I thought I'd share a few tips and poses with you for easing out the back.

1. Don't be sedentary - Take a movement break from time to time and go get a glass of water/see someone face to face instead of emailing.

2. Sit well. What is your posture like when you're sitting? If you're facing a screen, are you putting excess pressure on the back of your neck/top of your shoulders? Relax those shoulders and sit tall, so that you can take nice long, deep breaths. Imagine your head is floating up towards the ceiling and notice how it feels.

3. Strengthen your core and engage it - anytime, any place. That includes pulling in your pelvic floor.

My favourite go-to back stretches:

1. CAT COW (inhale - arch the back, then let your chin rise...exhale, chin to chest, then start to round your back) 2. SPINAL TWISTS (on your back, knees to the left and right...seated SIDE BENDS) 3. HUG KNEES TO CHEST and gently sway side to side. Sit forward over bent knees for an upper back stretch.

Yoga classes always incorporate all 6 movements of the spine and deep relaxation, which can actually help to reduce pain. Always move how it feels good to move, and ease off any movement that feels a little funky.

What's your favourite pose for alleviating back pain?


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