move how it feels good to move

Strala is credited by mind-body-medicine pioneer Dr. Deepak Chopra, as well as Harvard neurology professor Dr. Rudolph Tanzi. It is also accredited by the global Yoga Alliance Professionals.  


Strala is a blend of yoga with tai chi and qigong, designed to release stress, create healing and make you feel good.


Let's play.  Find a comfortable seated position, breathe in and out nice and slowly, close your eyes and take your attention inward. Start to sway a little side to side, allowing your breath to move your body - the inhaling initiating a lift, the exhale softening you wherever you are.  


Tai Chi and Strala movements are slow, steady and continuous.  This is a fluid approach, a flow state.  No force, no struggle, no pain.  This state triggers the relaxation response, which is a great place for healing and reducing stress.


Here are some freedom and creativity principles:

1. Soften

before you move, soften your whole body and mind.  When you slow down, your can really feel and connect to yourself

2. Breath-Body Connection

breathe in and let the breath take you somewhere.  When you breathe, your body moves

3. Lead from your Middle

a more efficient and powerful way to move

4. Use Your Opposites

rocking and rolling; move backwards to go forwards, right to go left

5. Use Momentum

start small and build up to bigger movements; now your mind is relaxed and knows what direction you're going in

6. Use Your Whole Body

never isolate body parts; you accomplish more with less effort when your body parts aren't holding tension

7. Move into Challenge from a Space of Comfort

move into a challenge from a space of comfort; reset each time

8. Conserve Energy

don't work harder than you need to; flexing creates tension

9. Sensitise

move how it feels good to move; listen to your body and respond

10. Optimal body position

we are all individual with a history of unique habitual patterns; do what's feels right for you rather than for instagram!

11. Explore / Play

this is how a tiger learns to climb a tree, and how we all learnt to walk