Holistic Health

The Whole You

Are you putting up with a health issue that's been going on for a long time?  Would you like solutions without meds or surgery?

I use the Five Element Approach from Traditional Chinese Medicine to build a big picture of you, your health issues and lifestyle so that I can tailor your treatment plan and bring about sustainable results.

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Yoga Massage £50 for 50 mins

Blissful relaxation from the rocking and rolling motion of Shiatsu & Acupressure / Thai Yoga Massage, designed for you and your individual needs. 

"When you first meet Nicky, you are immediately struck by her warmth and compassion.  Whatever you need help with, whether balancing energy levels, understanding your hormonal cycle or making peace with your body, Nicky brings her deep knowledge of Chinese Medicine to bear on a variety of physical / emotional issues, gently guiding and coaching you to a place of calm, acceptance, strength and grace.  She listens attentively and offers a finely tailored experience. Soon you'll notice how her approach of ease starts to show up in the rest of your life.  Best of all, it works"  Anna

Nicky Dye specialises in Sleep,  Menopause, Women's Health & Fertility/Periods, Mental Health and Wellness, and Teens.

Treatment Plans may include Coaching | Yoga Therapy | Massage | Acupressure | Myofascial Release | Mindfulness, Meditation & Visualisation.

£75 Initial Consultation

£55 follow-up sessions


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BSY registered Shiatsu Practitioner.  Yoga Medicine trained Therapeutic Specialist.  Certified Teen Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher / Yoga Teacher

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