Group Class Schedule

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YOGA CAPPUCCINO: You can also get a group of 3/4 together and request a day/time to suit you.  Or I can facilitate a group for you.  We can enjoy a cuppa afterwards.

Yoga Mango Studio

in Claygate, Surrey

MON 1930-2030 Strala Yoga

WED 1800-1900 Strala Yoga

FRI   0915-1015 Strala Yoga

SAT  1015-1100 Teen Yoga

In-person bubbles* of 4 + Zoom

*Pre-booking essential.

Nicky Dye


Global Online Studio

MON 1300-1345 Strala Relax (Nicky)

THU 1730-1800  Seasonal Flow (Nicky)

I also love:

THU 1000-1030 Qigong (Noz)

SUN 1800-1845 Restore Yoga (Belen)

Team of 10+ Strala Guides

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