Group Class Schedule

In-person classes are permitted in Tiers 1-3 /online only during lockdown.

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YOGA CAPPUCCINO: You can also get a group of 3/4 together and request a day/time to suit you.  Or I can facilitate a group for you.  We can enjoy a cuppa afterwards.

PLAYLISTS ON SPOTIFY - search Nicky Dye.  Enjoy!

Yoga Mango Studio

in Claygate, Surrey

MON 1930-2030 Strala Yoga

WED 1800-1900 Strala Yoga

FRI   0915-1015 Strala Yoga

SAT  1015-1100 Teen Yoga

In-person bubbles of 4 + Zoom

Pre-booking essential.

Nicky Dye


Global Online Studio

THU 1730-1800  Seasonal Flow.  

A moving flow designed to open your lungs, boost your immunity and inspire you.  As the Earth Element slows down and prepares to rest, the Metal Element rises.  Autumn is the yin to Spring’s yang. 

Official Strala Partner Studio

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