Nicky Dye BIO photo 2020.jpg

Hello, I'm Nicky

Passionate.  Empowering.  Positive.  

Nicky works with people


  • who are experiencing insomnia and sleeplessness, who would like a good night’s sleep and to wake up well rested and energised. 

  • who struggle with ongoing health issues, who are looking for holistic solutions, and to live with a renewed sense of ease and energy. 

  • looking for yoga to de-stress and stay flexible, while connecting with like-minded people

  • who would like a private yoga class tailored to their specific goals, mood, monthly cycle and energy on the day

Sleep Well.  Live Well.  Love Life.

My Story

I'm  passionate about holistic health, good sleep and yoga.

I found yoga shortly after finishing university.  I had suffered a bad injury from over-training, and wanted to do something that supported my body.  I arrived for the stretch, and discovered so much more.

Following a corporate career as a project manager with British Airways, in 2015 I began my teaching journey.  I am so grateful to Strala Yoga for introducing me to Chinese Medicine, and Yoga Medicine which informs my therapeutic yoga 121s, Shiatsu Massage, Sleep Programmes and Seasonal Yoga.

Yoga has helped me to be in the present, drop my ruminating thoughts of the past and fears of the future.  It is a system that makes total sense and I have found it to be such a helpful life tool.  Our mind, body and spirit are complex and interconnected; yoga helps to integrate these and bring us into a healthy balance.

I believe the key to health and wellness is understanding the whole person and listening to what's really going on.